Natural Hairspray Recipes 

I have seen many different recipes around the internet, and I just assumed that there was no possible way they could actually work. I mean who on earth would think that sugar-water would work just as well as store-bought products? I don’t use hairspray very often, but when I do I want to spray it once in the morning and forget about it for the rest of the day.  I also have very fine, silky hair that doesn’t hold a curl, so if I ever want curls there had better be a strong can of hairspray nearby. I have tried the sugar hairspray and I was really, completely shocked that this actually worked! It is perfect for good hold, feel free to play around the sugar amount for stronger or lighter hold, but be careful to add too much sugar because the in can get sticky. It actually makes my hair very shiny and it holds all day. Give it a try! 

I have made a lot of orange juice lately and I have been looking different uses for orange peels.  So I found the citrus hairspray recipe and so far I like it. Other recipes I havent tried yet, but if someone tries them, i would be grateful for the feedback 😉

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Olive Oil Hair Mask and Essential Oils for Hair

I’m pretty obsessive about my hair. Not only do I skip the salon for dying my hair, I’ve also taken to cutting my own hair. I realize this isn’t for everyone. Some people can’t make peace with their natural hair color or want to cover up grey. For others with short or complex hair styles, cutting your own hair might not be an option. I am always looking new natural and frugal options for homemade hair care. Since I was out of coconut oil and my hair really needed deep moisturizing treatment I did a little research and found loads of hair care recipes with olive oil. I chose this hot olive oil treatment this time. The result is gorgeous, shiny, super-soft locks ;).

And lets not forget essential oils, they are full of all kinds of benefits. I always add some essential oils to my homemade shampoo, and hair masks for extra benefits.

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Magical Cays for Skin, Hair and Teeth


If you want natural products for your beauty arsenal, clay is really versatile and can replace many chemical-laden and toxic commercial products (shampoo, hair mask, skin cleanser, face mask, mineralizing toothpaste etc.) without breaking the bank. Whatever you’re looking for, I’m almost certain you can find it with clay. Born of the earth, clays are natural, potent, and mineral-rich options for cleansing, detoxifying, and conditioning the hair, skin and teeth! They are affordable, widely available, and highly customizable. Learn about the three of my favorite clays, and how to use them!

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All Natural Homemade Toothpaste

I have switched out all my beauty products and make-up to natural, organic and homemade products. Toothpaste is the last thing I have still bought from store. I havent found the natural toothpaste we like, they are either really pricy, dont give the wanted result, or still contain some harmful ingridients. I have seen many different recipes and most of them include baking soda. Baking soda toothpastes are good at getting stains out because they are abrasive, but that also means they’re hard on enamel. If I feel a need to polish my teeth I’ll occasionally make a paste with coconut oil and baking soda, but it’s not something I would use every day.  I am thrilled to have found a replacement that I actually enjoy using and have fun making. I like that I can tweak the recipe depending on my personal preference at the time  (sweeter, minty, fruity, etc- it’s all about what essential oils I use). There’s no doubt these natural toothpastes give you an excellent clean and a fresh mouth feel (many people claim they’ve reduced the amount of plaque build-up on their teeth quite significantly), but be aware that they don’t foam up like conventional paste and if you use bicarb soda it will taste salty. It can take some getting used to. Just warning you!

There is several reasons why not to use store-bought toothpaste: conventional toothpastes contain harsh synthetic ingredients (many petroleum-derived) like sodium lauryl sulphate, fluoride (toxic), saccharin (artificial sweetener) and glycerine, which can prevent your teeth from re-mineralising.
Even the natural ones can contain ingredients like sodium lauryl sulphate. Natural toothpastes cost an arm and a leg. And when you’ve got a limited budget, I’d rather see that money go towards good quality food that in the long run will help improve dental health. It’s hard to find toothpaste in an environmentally-friendly container. Inevitably most people still end up with a plastic tube that either gets sent to landfill or has to be recycled (which is a very resource-intensive process).

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Moisturizing Foaming Body Wash and Essential Oils For Skin

I am always looking chemical and toxin free alternatives that are also environmental friendly. You don’t actually need to buy many different products, instead you can reuse your old bottles and jars. You will be saving money, environment and most importantly your health, since you are avoiding toxins and chemicals.

The recipe requires either liquid or bar of pure castile (olive oil) soap (I used Dr. Bronners). This recipe is really easy to make and last for quite long time. Depending what essential oils you choose, you can use the same body wash for whole family. You can also divide the liquid into the containers and then add different essential oils according to each of your family member skin needs. Moisturizing body wash is gentle enough to use as your face wash and also makes a rich lathering shaving soap. I use this moisturizing body wash for shaving and also as my make-up removal wash (first I remove eye make-up with olive oil, then wash with foaming soap).

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