About me

Welcome to Healthy Happy Housewife! My name is Maria, I am really passionate in whole food plant-based nutrition, holistic and vegan living. I believe that everything is connected in this world and every person has the power to change the world and be exactly what they want to be. My mantra is “Be the change you want to see in the world”. And that is exactly what I am doing, I am always working on myself to be the best person I can be. I have been educating myself a lot about plant-based nutrition, holistic living, yoga and spirituality over the years. My goals are to share my knowledge and help others find their way to a happy healthy and balanced vegan life.

I truly believe that “We are what we eat!”, because 80% of healthy body is made in the kitchen and another 20% comes from your physical and spiritual activities. It is all connected and we should always work in all three levels to keep our health, body and mind fit and balanced.

My health journey has been so interesting and eye-opening throughout the years. I have educated myself by reading books, listening on-line lectures, reading articles and scientific researches, watching documentaries, sharing real-life experiences and most important, implementing what I have learned into my own everyday life.  I have made many changes, tried different ways of eating and every change have helped me move forward and develop myself on so many levels- nutritional, physical and mental. I have learned how to love my body and appreciate all my imperfections and how these make me a unique and amazing individual. We should never try to be like someone else, rather we should constantly work towards being the best we can be, it should not be a goal to achieve but a lifelong journey of self creating and developing. My goal is to inspire my readers to find the strength inside themselves to make the necessary changes they need to get the results they want from their lives. I am not promising fast and magical solution (because there is none), but inspiration, support and guidance to achieve their goals, whether they are health, spirit or body related.

I have made this blog as a guide for creating healthy and balanced vegan lifestyle. Our health is our biggest wealth and it is up to each individual to take the responsibility and give the best nourishment for our body. We should learn to live with respect towards all life on earth and take care of our planet not participate on destroying it. All this is not hard to do, it just needs a mindful living- whole food, plant-based vegan diet can save your health, your spirit, the animals and the planet.

I will be sharing with you everything that interests me starting from vegan recipes, nutrition, natural beauty, holistic health, natural living, DIY instructions, natural childbirth, attachment parenting, vegan pregnancy and baby etc.

You are more than welcome here and feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

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