Amazing Simple Banana Ice Cream

imageThis ice cream is almost too good to be true, it is dairy-free, sugar free, fat-free and free from all preservatives that conventional ice cream contains. It is really simple and can be made with only one ingredient and it’s healthy! You can eat this ice cream for breakfast and you can eat it as much as you want, in fact the more the better for you, since bananas are really good for the health, read more about bananas here.

You can make this banana ice cream with adding a dash of vanilla and you have vanilla ice cream or add some cacao or carob powder and you have chocolate ice cream, you can add some mint or berries like strawberries, blueberries etc. or some fruits like mangoes, pineapples, kiwi etc. to get different flavors, add coconut sugar if you want it sweeter, just use your imagination.

Make sure you have really ripe bananas, they have to be yellow with brown spots. Just peel them and put them in freezer until they are thoroughly frozen. I f you want to add berries or some other fruit, I suggest you also freeze these. Then toss the bananas and other ingredients in the food processor and let it run until bananas are totally creamy, depending on your food processor quality you might have to stop occasionally and stir the bananas to help things along. When everything is mixed and creamy then scoop out, add some fresh berries, coconut flakes or cacao nibs for sprinkle.

Now go and make some awesome healthy ice cream and eat it all without any quilt and enjoy each bite.

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