Juice Fasting Diary

Day 5. Friday- final day and breaking the fast πŸ˜€

I had the same routine this morning as rest of the week, making breakfast to my darlings and then preparing and making juices for me. I was thinking to myself that I am so sick and tired of cleaning the juicer :P. I felt that this would be the main reason why I could break my fast and start eating again :P. It just so annoying to wash, peel, cut and juice everything and then after cleaning up the juicer is the worst. I love cooking, but juicing is another thing. Such a big amount of effort ant the result is just juice :P. At least this is how I felt today. And before this juice fast I had no problem making fresh juices, but then it was more like a choice rather than a obligation :D.

Otherwise my day was completely normal and I had good energy during all day and didn’t feel hungry or tired at all. At lunch time drinking my carrot-beet juice I felt that after finishing this bottle I don’t want this juice for a long time :D, I guess I have had too many of the same juices. Maybe it helps to make different juices every day.

When I got home I started to prepare my pineapple juice and make salad for my boyfriend. And that when I broke my juice fast, I was cutting the pineapple and the smell was just mouthwatering and the thought of throwing these gorgeous juicy pieces into juicer and just settle with drinking it was too much :P. So there I was, almost five days without any food and now this pineapple sweet and sour taste and texture was so tempting. And then I looked at the juicer that I wasn’t cleaned up form my morning juice and that was it, big juicy peace of pineapple ended in my mouth and it was so good :P. The same thing that was my comforter and savior in the past evenings when my family eat real food was now my doom :D. So I have broken my juice fast and there was no going back I just had to eat few more pieces of this heavenly fruit :D.  After-all I’m just a human :P. Then I started to prepare salad for my boyfriend and the avocado looked so delicious and then the smell of a fresh cucumber and tomato… So I decided to end my fast and eat some fresh salad for dinner. Since it is women’s day tomorrow and I was planning to end my fast tomorrow anyway I figured there is no harm if I do it today :P.  I will start my morning with yoga as usual and for breakfast I make a smoothie and for lunch some sauerkraut salad to support the good bacteria in stomach and in the evening my boyfriend is taking me to Indian restaurant Chakra for dinner.

I Have to admit I am a little disappointed in myself for not sticking with the fasting until tomorrow morning, but I think that since I am eating extremely healthy (as I mentioned earlier- no wheat, no soy, no sugar, no processed foods and no dairy or meat and mainly organic vegetables and fruits) on daily basis anyway my body had a good opportunity to regain strength and detoxify during these almost five days :P. And my “cheating” foods are what other people would usually consider healthy (I still eat vegan when going out) :D.Hopefully my stomach will accept my decision to start eating solid foods again and wont give me any hard time :D. I have had no stomach issues whatsoever during these five days and no bowel movement either :P.

I definitely will do more juice fasting in the future and hopefully learn from my setbacks in the future. This fast certainly made me stronger and I learned more about my eating habits and made me realize how much I really eat and crave something without  actually being hungry. I lost 4,5kg and my skin got better. I think that if you want to clean your body from toxins and lose some weight as a bonus juice fasting is a just perfect way to do that, so go ahead and try it for yourself πŸ˜‰ I dare you :D.

Day 4. Thursday- lost almost 4 kg πŸ˜€

Before doing my morning yoga I decided to step on a scale and to my own surprise I have lost almost 4kg πŸ˜€ Losing weight wasn’t my intention why I started fasting. I wanted to reboot my system to start spring with extra energy and clean my body from toxins. The morning yoga was the best ever, I felt really flexible and strong, it was just amazing feeling :). Overall it was totally normal day, I had great energy during the whole day, not once felt hungry or tired and today for the first time I even didn’t feel tempted for foods :P.

I drank carrot+beet mixed juice in the morning, between breakfast and lunch pomelo juice and carrot  for the lunch and two pineapple juice on the evening :P. I decided to make tomorrow my last day of fasting, since I feel that my body got the chance to reboot and cleanse. I have been eating super-healthy before starting this fast an I am going to be even more healthy after this, increasing amount of raw foods, since the spring is perfect time to do this ;). I think that fasting is a good way to detox your body and start healthier eating and lose a few kilograms as well :D.

Day 3. Wednesday- feeling light and energized πŸ™‚

I Went to bed a little earlier , not because I was tired, but I just thought that I need more sleep when i am not eating. I  still managed to actually go to sleep around 22.3o pm, since i was reading some articles from my phone :P. Waking up at 6am is usual for me and I had no trouble today. As usual I made breakfast to my darlings and then juiced beets and carrots for breakfast and cabbage and apple for lunch. This time I had no problem with drinking my morning juice and I felt good during all day. Lunch was as usual around 12am and I drank all of my cabbage juice, which was actually quite good(I used half a big cabbage and 6 apples and got about 500ml and added 200ml water). Around 3pm I made juice from too oranges and it was so good :P. When i got home I made dinner for my family and juiced entire pineapple(got about 1,2 liters of juice) for myself and diluted with some water(about 200ml). This pineapple juice is my savior, this is what makes it all good πŸ˜› I just love it :D. To my surprise I didn’t feel any big cravings and not once felt hungry, tired or dizzy. I am really surprised that I haven’t felt hungry at all during these three days. Tomorrow morning I am going to do may yoga and hopefully i feel as good and energized as Tuesday.

Day 2. Tuesday- still not hungry, but somewhat tempted πŸ˜›

It was really easy to wake up at 6 am and do morning yoga. I felt energetic and overall feeling was great. One different was that after drinking my usual glass of lemon water I didn’t need to go to the bathroom and the rest of the day also no bowel movement, just getting rid of the unnecessary fluids :D.  After I had made breakfast for my darlings I then juiced some beets for morning and carrots for lunch this time. I guess drinking beet juice, even when diluted 50/50 is not a good idea in the morning :P. After drinking half of the bottle I felt instantly nauseated and thought I am going to vomit :(. I decided to eat a small overly-ripen banana and fortunately that helped in a few minutes and I felt good again. So I learned two things- beet juice might not be the best idea in the morning and it is a good idea to carry a few bananas in your purse just in case you feel nauseated and need quick pickup ;).

Otherwise the day was normal after that. I had a quite busy day at work and the energy was great and I didn’t felt hungry once. I had my carrot juice around 12 as usual, but I couldn’t drink all of it :P. Probably because I made a fresh glass of red orange juice just before :D. I really like that sweet and sour taste of red oranges. This was like my treat, so another lesson for me- it is probably best to drink your veggie juice and later when you feel that need for something good, go for your fruit juice ;).

In the evening I made dinner for my family and for myself pineapple juice. I have to say that drinking only juices really puts my strength on the test. I am desiring fresh moist dates that my boyfriend is eating just now sitting next to me and these gorgeous things almost want to make me brake my fast :P. I have to fight with myself not to eat them. Oh and when I went to food-store after work(to but these dates for my boyfriend :D), I felt that a pastry smells are calling for me πŸ˜€ and usually I don’t even notice these smells :P. So I walked by the pastry counter and devoured the smell :D. I didn’t buy anything, I don’t eat wheat and I never crave these kinds of things. Overall I am noticing a lot of smells lately and some of them are driving me almost crazy :D.

These two days have made me realize how self-evidently we take food. We are victims of temptations and comfort. We don’t eat because we are hungry and need food, but because we want food, when bored, sad, tired or because something is just there. Another thing I have been thinking to myself is this is probably what most people are feeling when quitting something, like the foods they like, but know are bad for them. The constant temptations, everywhere you go. And not good temptations, all the crap they call food these days. I guess I am lucky, because quitting sugar and wheat, going vegetarian and then vegan was really simple for me. I haven’t really craved or missed anything since being vegan. I still feel that I can eat everything that I want, I just don’t want all this crap and I choose something that is good for my health and animals and environment etc. But now when I am on the juice fast I feel that I have this inner battle with myself-  should I cheat and eat something just once πŸ˜€ or should I just quit and eat all the delicious things my family is eating like coconut shreds, olives,  dates, rye bread with veggies and everything what is tempting me in the kitchen cupboards :P. We don’t have anything unhealthy at home, and I usually don’t limit myself eating something I want as long as it fits in my strict food standards (vegan, no wheat, no sugar, no soy, no processed foods- quite a list, haha). I have managed to stay strong and not break my fast, well except the banana in the morning, but this was kind of emergency, since I had to run off to work and had no time to lay around and wait until my body dealt with the power of beet :P.

Day 1. Monday 3.03 – not hungry at all and feeling good

I already started preparing my body for fasting by eating really lightly in the weekend. Saturday it was lots of fresh vegetables and greens with rye bread and for the mornings smoothie with banana and berries is the best juice for me :P. Sunday I ate fruit salad all day and drank lot of water.

Right after waking up I had big glass of warm lemon water as usually and made a visit to the bathroom shortly after :P. I made breakfast for my family and before going to work I made about 0,5 liter carrot juice, which I diluted with water 50/50 and drank all of it :). This gave me a quite a kick and I felt really good and full. I also made the same amount of beet juice to take to work for my lunch.

Around 12 I didn’t feel hungry or tired, but I went to lunch anyway as I usually do and drank all of the beet juice, it actually tasted quite good :P. I felt this gave me a even bigger kick than the carrot :P. I was planning to drink cabbage juice in the evening, but I made red orange juice at work, just in case I feel some cravings for something good. Before going home I drank my orange juice and hurried home to make dinner for my family :P.

I made coconut curry soup and the smells were attempting even though I didn’t feel hungry :D. So I decided I cant bring myself to drink green cabbage juice when they are eating this delicious soup, so I made pineapple juice for myself, again about 0,5 liters diluted with water 50/50 and it was sooo good :P. I really love pineapples, but the fresh juice was even better. And that all I ate/drank today.

Oh I also baked rye bread for breakfast, of course not for me, but my darlings :P. The entire apartment was filled with amazing smell of freshly baked bread. One thing I noticed are the smells, usually I don’t pay so much attention to smells, but today I really enjoyed the smell of foods :P. I have to say that even though I was not once hungry today, I have been tempted, like taking a huge spoonful of coconut soup, or eating the sauerkraut in my fridge, or munching on coconut flakes or making a fresh warm homemade sandwich with cashew cheese, sprouts, tomato and cucumber mmm… I now realize how often we really eat just because something is there, attempting us, or we simply want the taste instead of really feeling hungry :P.

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