Homemade Coconut Milk, Flour and Butter

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I have entire post dedicated to coconut here. It’s just amazing how many benefits coconut possesses. I use it for my hair, skin, nails and sometimes also in my food.

Once I started making homemade coconut milk and flour from shredded coconut, I decided to make coconut butter too.  

Coconut butter and coconut oil are really two different, wonderful things. Coconut oil is the fat of the coconut.  It is white as a solid, but it is a clear, transparent liquid when the temperatures are warm enough.  Coconut butter, though, also has coconut pulp in it.  So, even when temperatures are high, it is white and more like a nut butter, definitely not a liquid. I use coconut butter in my raw desserts and cooking since it contains pulp and therefor is healthier then coconut oil.

YI have decided to group these together because they are so easy to do.  Plus, you need to make the coconut milk first to be able to make the coconut flour.  The coconut butter is made independently, but I decided to add it in the end anyway because it follows the same theme.

Making Coconut Milk

Step 1: Soak one part shredded coconut in two parts warm water.

To make around 4 cups of coconut milk, take 2 cups of shredded unsweetened coconut and soak it in 4 cups of warm water for a couple of hours.  I let mine soak in my blender because I’ll be using it in the next step anyway.

Step 2: Blend the coconut and water mixture in the blender for about 5 minutes.

Step 3: Strain the coconut milk. Prepare a cheesecloth or white cotton towel and a bowl.  Pour the blended mixture into the cloth, and strain. The liquid that you squeeze out of he cloth is your coconut milk! You can use it right away, store it in the fridge for a couple of days, or freeze it in ice-cube trays for easy future dispensing. If you want to make coconut cream, just use more coconut to less water.  It will make a more concentrated, thicker liquid. If you want to make coconut flour, don’t throw away the leftover coconut pulp in your cloth!  Instead, continue to the next step…

Making Coconut Flour

Step 1: Spread coconut pulp in a thin layer out on a baking sheet and bake on 70C until it feels completely dry.

Step 2: Process in food processor until you get as fine of a powder as you can with your particular machine. It doesn’t have to get very powdery or flour-like, it still works quite well in recipes that use coconut flour.

Making Coconut Butter

Step 1: Process shredded coconut in a food processor.

Step 2: Keep processing coconut. It seems way too dry to turn into something so creamy without needing to add anything else.  If you blend it for long enough, it will eventually turn into coconut butter. If you are having problems getting your coconut butter to form, stop every minute or so, at first, and scrape down the sides so that your blades can reach all of the coconut.  Also, make sure you use enough coconut to have a big enough mass for your blades to reach it all well.  At first you will notice the coconut getting a little bit clumpy.  Keep processing, and it will start to release its oils.  Once some of the liquid from the oil is released, it makes it easier for your food processor to work the rest of it.  Keep processing until you get the consistency you like.

Step 3: Enjoy your freshly made coconut butter. In cold weather you should pour your recently made coconut butter into the container you want to keep it in as soon as you can because it will quickly harden up as it cools off.  In the summer it will stay creamy, so leave it out of the fridge for easy use.

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