You are what you eat! Eat to live not live to eat


You are what you eat. This simple sentence is so true. Do you live to eat or eat to live? Nowadays food has become an entertainment and pure business. Food industries only goal is to make money, not to produce nutritional and healthy food. People are eating dead food. Natural food is minimally processed and do not contain any hormones, antibiotics, sweeteners, food colors, flavorings or chemicals that were not originally in food.

Many of the things you buy at the supermarket (specially packaged and processed foods) are filled with all kinds of artificial ingredients, chemicals and genetically mutated organisms (GMO), they contain white wheat and white sugar or high fructose corn sirup. All of those things are highly addictive and harmful to your body and health in so many ways. Often the labels are misleading and one additive or chemical can have many different names.

By consuming processed foods you get the feeling of being full, but you are not getting anything you body needs to keep you healthy and strong. And you keep wanting more, since these kinds of foods contain additives that are very addictive. Diet, low-fat and low-sugar products are usually even worse than normal ones, since they contain different chemical substances like aspartame etc. It is scientifically proven that these will harm your health over the years and can eventually make you fatter than when you first started consuming these. For example, diet cola contains aspartame and caffeine and this combination kills your braincells.

Majority of the weight, health, skin and neurological problems nowadays are directly or indirectly caused by food, and also the chemicals you are butting on your body (most of the beauty products contain chemicals that are carcinogenous or cause nerve, brain or some some other damage, also allergies and skin breakouts). So you are harming your body from inside and from outside also. Just eating healthy is not enough any more.

You probably wont even realise the connections, but problematic skin, fine hair, mood swings, obesity, allergies, stress, headaches, migraines, heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and so many other conditions are actually caused by the human produced highly processed foods, chemical laden beauty products and even toxic house cleaning products. Human body is not meant to deal with chemicals and unnatural substances. Whatever benefits they promise, anything unnatural is not good for you and make you sick sooner or later. Body only knows and accepts raw, organic and natural food, anything else cause some kind of bad reaction, either short or long-term.

It is possible to live healthy life without any skin, weight or health problems if you just eat right foods and avoid the chemicals. Intelligent eating should be part of everyone’s lives. Unfortunately many people have no clue what they are actually butting inside their body, and even worse, many of them just don’t care. They are thinking that there is nothing wrong with them, so why should they change anything. They are not acknowledging the connections of their problems to food and lifestyle choices. Thinking that humans have been eating meat and wheat and sugar hundreds of years, why change now. We have never had so many chemicals and GMOs in our food. Corn and white wheat for example is not the same that people ate hundred years ago, most of it is genetically mutated to resist harsh pesticides to produce as much and as fast as possible, plus after harvesting it is chemically processed leaving it almost no nutrients. Meat is filled with chemicals and toxins also, since animals are grown with antibiotics, GMO food and live in unnatural conditions. They are artificially grown with fastest time possible, this causes them to get sick and have all kinds of abnormalities. Instead of few years the animals and chickens are grown in just few moths. The food is not in its original form any more, it is changed, mutated and altered by humans.

This is really deep and profound subject and I am no expert, but this makes the perfect sense. Human body is so amazing, if you nourish your body and eat whole and nutritious foods, use natural products for your beauty regimen, your body will give you good energy and health, clear skin, strong hair and nails etc. There is no point buying expensive serums and cremes to cover up the same thing that you are actually causing to yourself by eating wrong foods. It becomes a vicious circle. You are eating highly processed foods, therefore getting bad skin, thin hair, broken nails, bad breath, allergies and all kinds of health problems. And as solution to all of this you turn to cosmetic industries (mostly chemicals) or medicine (there is a pill and for everything, again chemically produced) which by itself may treat the symptom but not the real problem. This way you are making again a new problem and so in goes on.

When you are young you might not see the consequences, but as you get older you start having all kinds of health problems. Most people think that this is the normal part of aging. That is not the normal way of life,  that is poor nutrition and all the chemicals you have put in your body over the years. My brother once said wisely: Food can make people sick and dead and food can cure people and give them long and healthy lifetime. That is actually proved by many different researches, that correct nutrition can cure most of the health problems people have nowadays.

I have realized that the food and nutrition is a vital part to keep your body, mind and skin healthy and young. No fancy cream, concealer, cellulite treatment, Botox, fake nails or hair etc. wont make you beautiful. It will only temporarily cover up the problem. What makes you beautiful outside have to come from inside. You really are what you eat 🙂 If you give your body the right and balanced food, you will get the results. You will have glowing and acne free skin, thick and shiny hair, strong nails, cellulite and wrinkle free skin, healthy and white teeth and overall health and energy without doing anything more than just eating nutritional organic, fresh and raw foods. And the best part is that if you make this as your lifestyle, you will reap the benefits until the old age 😉

So I am now vegan, eating only things that are in their original form, avoiding packaged food as much as possible. My new lifestyle includes nuts and seeds, variety of vegetables and fruits, legumes, some grains and at the moment also raw honey. No meat, no fish, no dairy. Sounds extreme 😀 This decision came by doing lots of reading and research and watching eye-opening documentaries, listening lectures etc. This is not just some fashionable trend, this is a new way of thinking about food and sustainable living. Now I eat to live not live to eat.

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I’ve had to rethink all of my knowledge and habits that I have been used to almost thirty years 😛 Had to totally rearrange our eating habits and started making everything from scratch, using as much natural, organic products as possible, avoiding packaged processed foods. Also making my own natural beauty products (shower and shave foaming soap, hand soap, shampoo and conditioner, body butter, deodorant, face wash, make-up remover, cellulite scrub, facial toner, lip balm) and going to use only organic natural make-up and planning to switch out home chemicals (luckily I have never used many).

All of this is not always easy. Many people are really critical and closed-minded and can’t understand the whole concept of veganism and the ethical  and health reasons behind it. I can’t blame them though, I think if they have as much information that I have found in the past moths, they might think differently. I once was also critical, when my mother became vegetarian. It was years ago, I was young and uninformed and also closed-minded 😀 Ironically things change, now after many years I have become at the same conclusion about food and nutrition and vegetarianism 😛 But in my own terms and my own way. And I believe this is the only way to do it, you must have the urge for change, you have to want this and you have to find the reason, nobody else can convince you.

I think people doesn’t have the knowledge and are misinformed. They have no idea how the food they are eating actually ends up on their table, what process it has to go through and what it actually contains. They don’t see the connection between health and food, they often turn to medicine and cosmetic industry to get the solution, but actually we all have the power to decide the quality of the life we live.

If you want to know how food (mainly meat) ends up on you table watch Food Inc. If you want to know more about how animals are treated watch Earthlings. Want to know about the food and health connection see Hungry For Change and Food Matters also Forks over Knives. I think everyone should watch all of these documentaries and then make your choices knowingly. Listen Valter Weith, Dr. Neil Barnard lectures

This not some propaganda or some crazy extreme enthusiasts, it is hardcore truth, cold facts, researches, real people experiences, beliefs of scientist, doctors, nutritionist etc.

There is a big misconception about healthy and vegan eating, people think that this means eating only green leaves and grass 🙂 That is not entirely true, vegetarians have tons of different foods to eat and endless recipes. There are so many delicious foods to discover 😉 Another disbelief is that you can’t get all the nutrients from plant-based foods, also couldn’t be further from truth, as long as you eat versatile you have no problems, in fact you might have have less problems 😉 It is all in the matter on thinking. As they say, “ignorance is a bliss”. If you know so little about the food your are eating and you even don’t want to know, then it impossible make the right choices.

2 thoughts on “You are what you eat! Eat to live not live to eat”

  1. Ma olen juba mõnda aega su blogi jälginud ja äratundmisrõõmu on palju. Olen ka ise nii pool aastat ennnast samade teemadega tõsiselt kurssi viinud ja nii hea on lugeda, et ma polegi ainuke “hull” 🙂
    Igatahes soovitaksin filmide nimistusse veel ühte filmi “Plastic planet”, mis jällegi andis üsna palju mõtlemisainet.
    Jõudu sulle sellel teel jätkamiseks, sest tean et selliseid muudatusi teha pole lihtne 🙂

    1. Mul on hea meel, et on veel inimesi kes mõtlevad samadele probleemidele, isegi minu tutvusringkonnas on mõni selline “hull” peale minu 😀 Ma usun, et aastatega teadvustab üha rohkem inimesi, kuidas kõik meid ümbritsev (toit,kosmeetika,kodukeemia,rohud jne.) otseselt meid mõjutab. Minu eesmärgiks on oma elukvaliteet muuda võimalikult looduse ja tervisesõbralikuks ja läbi selle ka loodetavasti inspireerida teisi tegema positiivseid muutusi.

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