Homemade almond flour

Almond flour is a delicious, high protein, gluten free alternative to wheat flour. This is what I going to use now for breading chicken, making cakes, cookies, muffins and ofcourse my favorite banana bread!  But remember, you should always eat everything in moderation. I first bought some almond flour from health store, but when I saw how expensive it was I decided to make this flour at home instead.  Its not easy to find almond flour, even all the health stores dont have this. So I went to the Farmers market to buy almonds and make my own almond flour. In health store 300g bag costs 5,15eur but from market the almond costs 10eur kg.  I found crushed and blanched almonds for 8,50eur kg which is a lot cheaper 😉 So it is much cheaper to make your own almond flour and its really easy too 😉 You just need food proccessor.

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Now there are two ways we can make almond flour, one with blanched almonds and another one with plain almonds with skin. The difference between both is, almond flour made of blanched almonds are white in colour which is mostly used in baking, sweets.  And flour made with almonds with skin might have this light bitter taste, dark colour due to skin but actually the skin has so many nutrients value that we should try to use almonds with skin if possible.


3 cups (300g) raw almonds, room temp.
The key here is to make sure that your almonds are at room temperature. If they are not, it will take a lot longer to get them to a nice fine powder. Place cup of almonds in food processor and pulse about 20 times or let it run for about 2-3 minutes. The almonds will be a nice fine powder. You want it to be as “flour” like as possible, not bigger pieces, yet be sure to stop before it turns into almond butter. I have small proccessor so I can pick it up and shake it so the almond will move around. So, you can use a fork to loosen those clumps up if you need to.
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This is what I used the first time to make almond flour- crushed almonds
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You can also use roasted almonds, but just know your flour and consequently your baked goods will be darker in color.
almond flour-2

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