Truth about our beauty and body care products

Lately I have been reading a lot about environmental toxins. The products that we put on our skin (which is our largest organ), under our arms, and on our head are absorbed into our bodies just like our food. Skin absorption contributes an average of 64% of the total dose of volatile chemicals in our bodies. In my pursuit of learning more about personal care products, I’ve learned that women typically put 515 chemicals on their skin before they even eat breakfast. This is crazy! You can check this chart here.

But of course I just love those luxurious good smelling body lotions and foaming shampoos and all the beauty products like any other girl. I can’t imagine living without makeup and fragrances. Now I decided to try homemade shampoo and conditioner, body and face wash and body butter. I can’t just quit using everything at once but I am open to try and if they really work for me then why spend money on expensive chemicals when I can make my own safe beauty products. I have found great recipes for all the beauty products, home cleaning products and even homemade cosmetics (I wont go that far, but i am thinking to start switching my make-up step by step for natural and mineral make-up). I am going to write my experimenting on my Sunday post. I am so exited to try all those things already.

Here is what you could do just out of interest to know more about the products you use:

Go to the bathroom and pull out all of the personal products you use on a regular basis. Set them in a pile next to your computer. This may include: shampoo, body wash, face soap, lotion, face creams, hair products, makeup, and deodorant.

Visit Now, one at a time, search for your products in the massive database. You can look up brand to get an idea of what kind of ingredients the company uses in general.  Each one will have a rating of 0-10 (0 is safest).  Tip: if you don’t find the exact brand, look up the ingredients separately to get an idea of safety.

If the score is:

  • 0-2 (green) – you’re good, carry on
  • 3-6 (yellow) – replace this one when you run out or sooner if you feel like it
  • 7-10 (red) – stop using and replace with a safer alternative using the EWG database


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