Zucchini spaghetty

So simple and so healthy. Without a mandoline or peeler or spiralizer. No fancy tools required.

b9922ed106a7de1d51ed2238d1b123ba (1)

We are going to use the humble box grater to create those luscious strands of goodness.  But how can we create long ribbons of zucchini, instead of short shreds? You put it on its side, with the face you want to use (the thickest grater) facing up, and use it just moving the zucchini along it in long strokes to create the ribbons. Then I just sautee with a bit of garlic, salt and butter and use it like I would normal spaghetti. Bolognese, curry chickepeas, whatever you like 😉 t is another possibility to replace pasta. Tomorrow I will make zucchini pasta 😛




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