One ingridient ice cream- Banana!!!

OMG this is the most genius thing ever! When I read about this healthy and super easy one ingredient  ice cream I just had to try it out right away 😀

So my boyfriend was so nice and went to the store in the evening just to buy me some bananas 😛 You MUST try this, I promise that you will not regret it 😉



And this is how you do it

Take about four ripe bananas (with brown spots), peel and cut into disks and spread on a cutting board covered with baking paper and put on freezer (I suggest to spread them on plate or something not put on a bowl, because then they are not freezing as quickly and if they finally have frozen you are going to have hard time getting them out, because it will be one big chunk. I also covered the cutting board with baking paper so they wont stick on the surface).

If they are totally frozen, put the pieces in food processor and start running the food processor. The banana disks will soon become frozen banana gravel. That’s fine. You’re not there yet. Keep running the processor. At some point, the blades will just spin around and nothing will move. Expect to stop and scrape down the sides of the work bowl several times. As the pieces get smaller and the surface area increases, the banana will begin to thaw just a touch and suddenly it all blends into this lovely whipped banana that has the texture of soft serve ice cream.Wow!

When it starts to blend its time to add something, now you can be really creative nuts, chocolate, frozen berries, cocoa, peanut butter or vanilla etc. So many delicious options. I made my first batch with cocoa (add a spoonful of honey to make it a bit sweeter) and second batch with spoonful of peanut butter and it was fantastic. I could eat this every day with the different flavors. Cant wait to try with frozen blueberries and with dark chocolate chips and with crushed hazelnuts and with coconut 😛

Mmmm…It is so rich and creamy. Cant belive its only bananas.

You can put it on a freezer for eating later or eat it right now 😉 Ice cream whithout the guilt- must have bananas at home all time for now on 😀

My daughter loved this ice cream and she said its her favorite. So definitely try this one ingredient ice cream and let me know what you think 😉


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