How to cut out white flour and white sugar

White sugar and flour are high-calorie foods with little nutritional value. Cutting these items out of your diet is an easy way to drastically cut down on the number of calories you consume. Eating the same amount of food, but substituting whole grains for white bread and fruit for cookies, will automatically lead to weight loss as well as a more nutrient dense diet. It takes dedication to cut sugar and white flour from your diet, however, because it is present in many processed and commercially available products that you probably rely on every day.


Step 1

Cut out obvious flour and sugar. This includes white bread, sugar you add to tea, cereal and other food items, and foods that you know contain sugar and flour, such as soft drinks and packaged cakes and cookies.

Step 2

Read product labels. White flour and sugar go by many names. Look at the label on processed foods to determine if a food is truly white flour- and sugar-free. Other names for sugar include sucrose, fructose, corn syrup, cane sugar and syrup. Other names for white flour are bleached all-purpose flour, bread flour and enriched flour.

Step 3

Substitute foods that you can eat for the ones that are missing. Whole grains and whole-wheat flour make a nutritious change from white flour. Sugar substitutes are more challenging. Although artificial sweeteners are calorie-free, there is evidence that they can slow weight loss. Natural sweeteners, like honey, aren’t processed, but are also high in calories. For best results, use natural sweeteners, but less of them.

What Does White Bread and White Sugar Do to the Body?

White bread is made through extensive processing of grains, typically wheat, to remove the bran and germs. White sugar is made through extracting sucrose from beets or sugar cane and filtering the sucrose through charred animal bones to remove impurities. Both white bread and white sugar may have several effects on your health.


White breads and sugars are simple carbohydrates. Your body rapidly turns these nutrients into glucose, a sugar used for energy. Americans commonly use sugary foods and white breads to obtain quick boosts of energy. However, “crashes” quickly follow rapid glucose spikes, which produce fatigue. Blood sugar crashes can also impair mental function, inhibiting your ability to assimilate and recall information.

Diabetes Risk

Frequent consumption of white sugar and white bread will elevate glucose, perhaps increasing your risk of diabetes. Thus, your body either produces insufficient insulin or is no longer able to utilize it as efficiently. Insulin is a chemical responsible for neutralizing glucose and delivering it to the cells for energy. If you already have diabetes, white sugars and breads can increase symptoms such as headaches, appetite changes and fainting.

Weight Gain

Although blood glucose is necessary for energy, the unused portion not burned as fuel is stored as fat cells, perhaps leading to weight gain and obesity. Weight gain may increase your risk for stroke and heart disease. It may also place excess strain on your joints, particularly your knees.


Opt for whole grain breads, which are comprised of complex carbohydrates that turn into glucose at a much slower rate than simple carbohydrates. This may help alleviate blood glucose spikes and crashes and may help prevent weight gain. It may also help prevent diabetes and manage diabetes symptoms. Eliminate white sugars. If necessary, use natural sweeteners such as agave nectar or stevia, which have a less dramatic effect on blood glucose.

I have tried to awoid eating all wheats. So I have looked for more alternatives. For example You dont have to quit pizza or pasta, You can simply make cauliflower crust pizza, cauliflower tortillas or cauliflower bread and make zuccini pasta with Your favorite pasta sauces. The key for the tasty food is enough seasoning.

PS. Sorry I havent been posting for some time, I had problems with my phone camera and it has been really busy summer and etc. I will try to make new posts at least once a week for now 😉

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